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International Treasury Consulting, Inc. is a full service consulting firm focused on the centralization, integration, and optimization of corporate cash management systems, and utilizes formal Project Management principles to ensure that client projects are properly scoped and financed, to ensure value-added Treasury solutions that are delivered on time and on budget. 

When the global financial markets crashed in late-2008, and bank credit lines suddenly dried up, CEO's and CFO's naturally requested that all excess cash be concentrated into their master corporate accounts. The mantra that 'Cash is King' had never been more important.

Many small and medium sized businesses quickly discovered that they really didn't have good visibility over their global cash positions, nor did they have the necessary systems in place to quickly and efficiently bring their excess cash back to HQ.

Suddenly Treasury became one of the most important functions within finance, but getting additional manpower to manage the additional workload was rarely an option. The only realistic way for Treasurers to manage more work with less staff was to streamline their banking operations and to leverage technology to automate what staff had traditionally been doing manually.

iTC provides the insights and expertise needed to build state of the art cash and treasury management systems.

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